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With the help of artificial intelligence, we reduce the routine of laboratory diagnostics to a minimum

The project is aimed at creating software for automating laboratory diagnostics of animal blood in order to detect leukemia and hemoparasitic diseases. The software is based on a deep neural network designed for image analysis and classification, including in real time.
The project is supported by the  Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (FASIE).

Our company has received the status "Business Priority"
We develop solutions for laboratory diagnostics in veterinary medicine
Software for mobile devices and desktop computers designed for laboratory diagnostics based on machine vision algorithms
Service for laboratory diagnostics
Service based on artificial intelligence for laboratory diagnostics of cytogological micropreparations
Attachment to an optical microscope
Robotic attachment for scanning micropreparations
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A young team of professionals in laboratory diagnostics, veterinary medicine and software development
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It is important for us to develop a solution for the client's tasks
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We create a product based on advanced scientific research
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